The machine’s frame is made in Meehanite Cast Iron to avoid any problem of bending and to absorb cutting forces. Heath treatments are made to eliminate structural instabilities. The tough structure under heavy cutting keeps rigidity and precision even during high speed machinings. In this way HN Series completely satisfies high quality and high precision market, also in hard working conditions.
HN Series is composed by linear guides and box ways machines, with belt drive, direct drive and in the bigger models even with a 2 speed ZF gear box. This wide range lets to every customer to choose the best solution, with the more suitable set-up to solve every working problem.
HN Series was designed according to the principles of Finite Element Method. FEM provides a simulation of stresses that occurr in the machine’s casting when placed under a load. This lets to the manufacturer to choose the ideal sectionsof the structure to miminize thermal displacements and to guarantee maximum rigidity and precision.

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